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How to Reduce Anxiety from Returning to the Workplace

The idea of no restrictions is a mixed blessing. Yes, it’s exciting to know that we may be able to mix with family and friends legally, and to attend big events. But it’s also a little anxiety provoking. After all, the pandemic hasn’t magically gone. It will take time...

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What Skills did you Learn during the Pandemic?

Lockdown is gradually lifting and life is returning to some kind of normal. At last! To help us positively move forward to a bright new future, first we need to look back and examine how far we’ve come. Notice the new skills we’ve learnt. Recognise how strong we’ve...

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R – Remember your ‘why’

Lost Your Mojo? Remember Your ‘Why’! Your mojo has a lot to do with how resilient you are. Losing that sense of purpose may mean that you need to work at building your resilience. Those people who are naturally resilient tend to bounce back from life’s challenges,...

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