Ian’s Three Steps to Success – performance coaching for teachers

Ian can help your staff unlock their full potential by following his “Three Steps to Success” teacher coaching program, which assists with overcoming those bumps in the road or achieving goals and tasks, more efficiently and effectively than on your own.

What is Performance Coaching for teachers?
The process where one person facilitates the development and action planning of another, in order that the individual can bring about changes in their lives in a faster and more effective way than doing it on their own.

This is not mentoring or teaching the teacher how to teach, but to assist with bridging the gap between where the teacher is now, to where they would like to be.

Delivered using Ian’s “Three Steps to Success” process, which he follows in sport as a successful Paralympian. This program could be just the thing your school is looking for, to aid with your staff’s wellbeing and development needs.

Usually people have the answers, but just need to be asked the correct questions to find them.

Three areas within teaching, where this approach may assist.

Newly Qualified Teachers (NQT’s)
Feedback Ian has received shows that NQT’s get a lot of support within their first year of qualification, but after year one they need to start fending for themselves and sometimes just need someone to ask the right questions. Allowing them to clarify obstacles or outcomes they are experiencing issues with.

Newly promoted Head Of Department or Head Of Year Group
A good teacher does not always instantly make a good Head Of Department, or Year and sometimes need to be pushed out of their Comfort Zone to learn new skills. This is not always best done by a fellow teacher or line manager and a little coaching to bring out their best may be more beneficial.

Headteachers & Highly Experienced Teachers
Even Headteachers and highly experienced teachers loose their way at times and need someone to lean on, making them accountable for personal and professional goals, whilst motivating them to constantly improve and sometimes renew the fun in their job.

Staff will perform better and stay motivated if they find their own way and implement their own solutions.


I must admit, I was a little apprehensive about the CPD coaching sessions with Ian Rose but I am so thankful for his guidance and mentoring this year. During my NQT I needed an extra platform of support that wouldn’t impact my final grades, Ian was able to inspire me to make small but achievable changes to my attitude which has had a positive impact on my teaching and relationships within the workplace. He was very patient with me throughout our sessions, he also listened carefully to my worries and concerns and responded in a very caring manner. The trick to successful mentoring is to be able to help people without them even realising it and this was definitely the case for me. My confidence has gone through the roof and I now have the drive and focus I need to excel further. Ian certainly asks the right questions to kick start your personal growth and I am very pleased with the overall results.

Newly Qualified Teacher

Special Offers Currently Available On Blocks of 6 Sessions and above

For further information, an informal chat or to register as interested, please contact Ian here.


Find out how you could link Ian’s “Three Steps to Success” coaching program into, your next school INSET day or with a motivational visit to speak with a group of students by contacting Ian here.



Coaching assists a client to bridge the gap between where they are now, to where they would like to be far more effectively than if they worked alone.
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