Student Goal Setting

Be more Penguin

Be More Penguin has been setup to challenge students to continually improve themselves and get rewards for doing it. Based around an online national league, students can build up points for completing challenges in many different areas, such as School, Sport, Home and Behaviour and it’s aim is to create fair competition at all levels.

Developed to be used by all in Primary or Secondary education it aims to create a fair online competitive environment for all students, of all ages and with all abilities. The goal is for each student to accrue points, for achieving challenges throughout each academic year and for Be More Penguin to reward them for doing it. At the heart of our idea we are trying to motivate students, to learn new skills and we are asking them to commit to improving themselves by achieving goals which will positively impact on their lives.

Head Of Year 8 says

“We started using the Be More Penguin Goal Setting system and within 2 months we could see positive changes in the work ethic of some of our students. We decided to start with a select group of around 20 students, targeting those who we thought would benefit from a little motivational assistance, to challenge themselves to undertake new opportunities both in and outside school. The system allows the teacher to set personalised goals to incentivise positive behaviour and gain a sense of achievement. Furthermore, the students who have benefited the most from the Be More Penguin challenge have taken ownership of their learning by setting their goals.”