Secondary School Motivation

Ian offers a half or full day visit for all year groups in Secondary education, jointly planning the bespoke content dependant on your aims for the day. Start with a Year Group specific Assembly, exploring the power of Growth Mindset, Stress Management, Goal Setting and always giving your best to be your best, then move into a number of Growth Mindset or Mental Wellbeing Workshops and Judo Masterclasses. The choice is yours.

Either select one group of students for Ian to work with, or a few groups to achieve maximum impact and motivate your students to aim higher and achieve more.

“Students at Alperton Community School really enjoyed the session delivered by Ian about growth mind set and anger management. Ian ensured that each student had opportunities to contribute and catered to the needs of all abilities. SEN students thoroughly enjoyed the practical tasks and pushed themselves to improve and KS3 students benefited from strategies used to turn a red mind into a blue mind and ensure a clear head at school and at home. Alperton Community School always enjoys visits from Ian and he is well respected by all students around the school.”

Teacher, Alperton Community School

Build your visit using the following sessions

Growth Mindset/Stress Management Assembly
Suitable for:  All Year Groups (Different messaging for each year)
Allow Ian to share his story with your students and hear about his fight with looking different after contracting childhood eye cancer. Running through building self-esteem, self-confidence, self-belief and becoming a successful sportsman. A competitor in five Paralympic Games winning two medals, Ian will share his high’s and low’s and highlight the importance of having a growth mindset, setting goals and focusing on being your best.

Growth Mindset Workshop
Suitable for:  All Year Groups
Include this workshop and inspire your students to aim for new highs. This will challenge your pupils to look at how Attitudes, Goal Setting, Confidence and Determination are so important in life and teach them new skills to aim for their own full potential.


Stress Management Workshop
Suitable for:  All Year Groups
Dealing with our emotions and managing our stress levels is always tough and in the shoes of a student is sometimes overwhelming. This workshop explores how we can recognise when our stress levels rise, why we become fearful of certain tasks, how we should deal with others in these situations  and strategies Ian learnt in sport to control his performance under pressure.

Like the above but want more school coverage.

A Year 7 Transition Program including the whole year group.
Athletics, Judo, BMX, Swimming, Hockey, Fitness & Football
(just some of the sports you could choose)
Experience new sports and learn about Confidence, Determination, Resilience, Stress 
Management and Growth Mindset.

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Awarded the 2016/17
Athlete Mentors Award for
The Biggest Contribution to YST Programs


Head Of Year 7 Holmer Green Senior School

A massive thank you to you and your team, amazing!  The kids are still buzzing about it and so now are the parents, it really has had the effect we were looking for.

Nothing but praise for you and your team a truly fantastic day and one which I look forward to booking again for next year!

Year 7 Student

Yesterday was the most fun I’ve had since I have been at Holmer Green!  I learnt how to communicate and shut the door in my head, that said ‘I can’t’.  I learnt lots of new tips and skills and overall I learnt about communication, determination, resilience and confidence.  My favourite activity was Judo and BMX BIKING.  These were my favourite because I learnt how to do judo and do biking skills.  It was such a fun day!!!

Year 7 Student

An amazing and inspiring day that really got me thinking about what I wanted to do when I am older. Before that day I wanted to be a scientist, but ever since that day I have wanted to also be an Olympic swimmer.  Tim, Ian, Chris and Mike all inspired me so much to do more!  I feel like I could do more than I could before and they inspired me so much!  Thank you.

Parents of a year 7 student

Thank you Ian for inspiring my daughter when you visited her year at HighCrest Academy School, the talk you gave made her sit up and listen and think about her future and how to go about reaching her goals, even at the young age of 12. She came home from school and was full of it.

Teacher - Burnham Grammar School

A big thank you for coming in on Friday 26th May to work with our student group again. It was a really enjoyable and engaging morning. I know from speaking to the students that they got a lot out of it, and will take the messages and confidence they have gained into lots of different parts of their lives.

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