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I heard Ian speak at my own child’s school and felt inspired by what he was saying,  so I  decided to get him in to my school. Ian worked with the children, parents, staff and governors at the start of the academic year, we left that day feeling upbeat and determined to succeed in own personal goals. He really supported staff in being focused on what was important and what needed to be done. Children were also able to use the techniques  that were taught during the day to help them focus. Ian has a great sense of humour and all sessions had a great deal of laughter too.


Headteacher, Shephalbury Park Primary School

Ian provided a really enthusiastic and engaging session which I feel was exactly what myself and the rest of the staff needed, especially given the anxiety and stresses that can surface when going ‘back to school’. I particularly liked the way that the session not only encouraged me to reflect on my work life but also my home life, and emphasised how important the bigger picture really is. I’ll definitely be having my students stacking cones and running through a skipping rope next week for some team bonding! Thank you for coming in and sharing your inspiring story and influencial ideas.

Teacher, Amersham School

Very inspirational with a great mix of fun activities and deep thinking personal reflection.

Teacher, Amersham School

Ian completed training on the 6 Sept 2018.  As a motivational speaker he really fitted the bill.  He had the whole audience involved in a variety of tasks, some were active and were great fun, everyone felt comfortable taking part.  He was very knowledgeable and drew on his experience as an elite athlete to reinforce his messages.  He was passionate about his message and this was evident in the natural way he interacted with the audience.  His sense of humour and ability to have everyone laughing made the morning pass very quickly and enjoyably.  He left everyone with some important information and ways to apply that in their everyday roles.

Teacher, Amersham School

I found his workshop inspiring on both a professional and personal level. I feel I discovered things that i had covered up and by rediscovering them it will help in my work load. I liked the delivery as it was motivating and fun , not fake and insincere. On a personal level, thank you for the goal setting tips this will really help with my sporting goals 😊

Teacher, Amersham School

I normally dread inset training days and try to morph into the background in case I get picked out to do something and to be honest normally find them irrelevant to my particular job and rather boring – I’m being honest here!!   But have to say I thought Ian was brilliant, it was great interaction whereby he got everyone up and involved in pairs/teams I certainly didn’t feel like the odd one out or picked on and he certainly made me think and re-evaluate my life once I got home I made time for the girls rather than saying as always ‘I’ll do it later’ and then never getting round to it.  He certainly kept me awake and enthusiastic and I actually enjoyed the morning rather than sitting there thinking when is this all going to end as I’ve got loads to do, the only upsetting bit was the final part when I couldn’t stop blubbing, but other than that I thought it was very well run.

Teacher, Amersham School

I enjoyed your motivational activities.  I have been using some of them in my classes.  They have been well received!  The humorous element of your talk was brilliant…I liked the acting…in particular the down-trodden characters you portrayed!I liked all the people-type activities!  Great fun!

Teacher, Amersham School

Ian provided a really great fit for our Prize Day address. We had briefed him on our key messages around resilience and self belief and Ian delivered to this and went beyond expectations. Ian has a real gift for translating his personal journey into an empowering message for young people. Our boys were hooked from the start, as were our parents who thoroughly enjoyed Ian’s presentation.

Headmaster, Homefield Preparatory School

I wish to congratulate the schools’ choice of guest speaker, Ian Rose. What a truly inspirational speech that packaged so many aspects of life for all to relate to. Wise words delivered in an amusing and entertaining way. We left the presentation evening in awe! Well done!

Parent, The Brakenhale School

I would highly recommend booking Ian for a session at your school.
It will transform your team.

Lonsdale School - Headteacher

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