Ian is an athlete mentor, attending many schools around the UK where he inspires both teachers and students to aim for new highs. Ian will work with your teachers in either a group CPD session or coach them individually to assist with Work/Life balance, Conflict Management and to remember the WHY they started teaching again. Ian also works with students in tailored confidence workshops, or will deliver a motivational speech at your school awards or assembly.

Ian was incredibly passionate and interesting when talking about the importance of soft-skills such as resilience and determination, skills he’s used throughout his life. These are skills young people develop doing a DofE programme, and Ian inspired and motivated both the young people receiving their Award, and their guest! Thank you for your donating your time to speak at the Gold Award Presentation at St James’s Palace.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE)

Ian’s Three Steps to Success – performance coaching for teachers

Ian can help your staff unlock their full potential by following his “Three Steps to Success” teacher coaching program, which assists with overcoming those bumps in the road or achieving goals and tasks, more efficiently and effectively than on your own.


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School Awards, INSET Day Workshops, Teacher Meetings & Teacher Conferences

Looking for an experienced Paralympic Keynote speaker to present at your next Teacher Conference, School Awards event, or area conference? Or how about organising one of Ian’s INSET Day or After School Teacher training events and share Ian’s Three Steps to Success with your team.

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Year 7 Experience Days (Click here to Watch The Action)

Use an experienced team of internationally successful Athlete Mentors, to guide your students through a program of fun, whilst learning life skills and developing relationships with their peers. Delivered through a mixture of challenging tasks and masterclasses in sport.

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Primary School Motivation

Ian offers half or full day visits for all year groups in Primary education, jointly planning a tailored visit focused on your school’s current objectives and Growth Mindset attitudes. Start with an Assembly exploring the power of Growth Mindset and high light the importance of determination, resilience and empathy, then move into a number of Growth Mindset or Mental Wellbeing Workshops. The choice is yours.

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Secondary School Motivation

Ian offers a half or full day visit for all year groups in Secondary education, jointly planning the bespoke content dependant on your aims for the day. Start with a Year Group specific Assembly, exploring the power of Growth Mindset, Stress Management, Goal Setting and always giving your best to be your best, then move into a number of Growth Mindset or Mental Wellbeing Workshops. The choice is yours.

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For further information, an informal chat or to book Ian, please either contact him here, or book him by clicking here. You won’t be disappointed!
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