Resilience Speech In Action

Ian Rose’s presentation set the tone for the day and was hugely successful.  His presentation was personal, professional and engaging. There were almost 300 attendees at the annual Home Office Away Day on 11 October 2018 and the feedback has been unanimously positive.  Staff were visibly moved by his heart warming presentation and many staff said they were now focused on their Why.  There is now a demand for more personal engagement to deliver key corporate messages.  Ian Rose blends the right mix of corporate delivery with authenticity to ensure staff are engaged and take away key corporate messages.  I would definitely book Ian Rose again.  He is a wonderful warm man and speaker.  Simply fantastic.

Head Of People and Communications - Commercial Directorate, Home Office

Ian was the guest speaker at the inaugural Home Office ‘Together We Are More’ event where he delivered a memorable talk. Delegates enjoyed an enormously inspiring and motivational presentation about the importance of resilience inside and outside of the workplace. By sharing his inspirational journey and the hurdles he has faced throughout his life, he empowered those in attendance to create and take away their own plan for what they will do to be the best person they can be. Ian’s professional yet down to earth approach connected with everyone in the audience and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Senior Project Lead - Leadership Strategy, Home Office

Listening to Ian speak is like a breath of fresh air.  I was lucky enough to hear him twice in a week!  He’s a fabulous story teller who will make you realise that you don’t know if you can do something, or will enjoy something unless you try.  He’s such an inspiration and he makes you realise that even if you lose you still win.  My cup of best is on the shelf waiting for me to progress!

Federation Of Small Business