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Ian and his team of experienced and professional facilitators, have been right at the top of their own game and deliver this collection of workshops through real life experiences. If you’re looking for inspirational sessions to motivate your team to become more Resilient, or looking to strengthen your team with techniques used by a former Olympic Medallist and National Coach. Or perhaps you’re looking to highlight the importance of Inclusion and empathy within your staff, to enhance wellbeing in the workplace. Then you are in the right place. Choose from one of the below workshops to enhance your planned event, or a number to add to your current Leadership Programme.

Motivational Networking Session

A motivational session for all leaders enabling a networking opportunity with their colleagues in a different setting, combine with a little inspiration from a top level speaker.

Attendees will hear from a top level inspirational speaker, who will share a story of achievement to motivate employees to try something new or aim higher. This session will also enable the attendees to network with others using a collection of challenging questions around their Why they do what they do, What makes them nervous at work and How others could help.

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10 Tips to Resilience & Effective Goal Setting

This workshop will empower you and your team with new levels of confidence and highlight some useful techniques you can use to stay resilient on bad days, enabling teams to keep focused and in line with business goals.

Resilience – The ability to pick yourself up dust yourself down and try again when things don’t go your way. Exactly what this workshop will cover, using Ian’s 10 tips and the coaching GROW model.

If we take some time to remember why we do what we do, set a few goals to constantly keep improving ourselves and look for help when things get tough, then your Resilience at work and in life will build. It’s inevitable that we will at some point have a bad day, something we have planned or implemented will not go our way, or one of our team will need our support through a tough time. Using a coaching style delivery, attendees will experience the power of GROW and answer that all important question. How do I keep going in tough times or through times of change?

This workshop is a must for teams looking for an injection of Olympic success.

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Creating Action Through Effective Storytelling

This workshop has been designed to help leaders engage their staff and colleagues at all levels through impactful, meaningful and insightful storytelling.

Delivered using a group coaching practical style, attendees will explore why telling a good story, in the right way and at the right time, could have an amazing impact on their teams motivation to get a job done. The job of a story teller/presenter in business amongst other things, is to inspire, motivate, shift a mind-set or to provoke an action. But what is the best way to do this, especially in times of change when staff are not wishing to engage.

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Olympic Techniques for Successful Leaders & Teams

The aim of this workshop is to share techniques employed right at the top of sporting success, to aid the effectiveness and success of the individual within a team.

Individual sports are a bit of a white lie. Sure, the individual is the one in the spotlight, the one who is seen to do the work and is the one who, in the end has to ‘bring the win home’. However, that individual doesn’t get there, sporting the gold medal, without a team to support their winning performance.

To be the most effective and most successful individual, we need to work with, understand and communicate with, as well as collate all the collective expertise of our support teams. Employing effective strategies in these areas will then increase the likelihood of the team achieving their best performance and assist you to achieve your best possible individual me.

If we are running at our best, using the collective gold medal talent of our support team, the present task will be in no better hands, and success will be guaranteed.

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Empathy and its Impact on Staff Wellbeing

The aim of this workshop is to ensure employment opportunities for all, plus understand how to enhance wellness; to support the development of an inclusive ethos (culture/environment) within the workplace, embedding the principles of inclusion; to be able to demonstrate the strong link between wellbeing and effective workers.

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Effective Communication for Better Professional Relationships

This workshop aims to improve communication skills and enhance relationships in the professional environment. By consciously employing specific techniques and models from the worlds of coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), we can understand better how our brains process incoming information and gain insight into the natural communication styles and preferences of others. These tools enable us to interact in ways which are more meaningful and more likely to get our message across.

This activity-based workshop is invaluable for people who depend on accurate and efficient exchange of information, such as team leaders, team members, and forward-facing individuals who deal with stakeholders, clients or customers.

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Ian’s session was inspiring, engaging and motivating for our senior leaders in the organisation. Focusing on resilience through his powerful story made a huge impact on everyone in the room, providing them with tools and strategies to build their own resilience for the challenging times we face in the public sector.

Head of Workforce & Organisation Development

Shropshire Council

Ian Rose’s presentation set the tone for the day and was hugely successful. His presentation was personal, professional and engaging. There were almost 300 attendees at the annual Home Office Away Day on 11 October 2018 and the feedback has been unanimously positive. Staff were visibly moved by his heart warming presentation and many staff said they were now focused on their Why. There is now a demand for more personal engagement to deliver key corporate messages. Ian Rose blends the right mix of corporate delivery with authenticity to ensure staff are engaged and take away key corporate messages. I would definitely book Ian Rose again. He is a wonderful warm man and speaker. Simply fantastic.

Head Of People and Communications

Commercial Directorate, Home Office

The delegate feedback, post-event, has been overwhelmingly positive as Ian successfully managed to connect with the audience by sharing some thought-provoking ideas whilst delivering information regarding his inspirational journey, relating all points back to business. Ian is extremely knowledgeable about Business Growth. However, what makes Ian standout from any other Business Coach I’ve come across, to date, is his no-nonsense but personable approach cushioned by hard-facts, realism, honesty, transparency, professionalism and integrity. No fluff; what you see is exactly what you get with Ian!

Commercial Director

Abbotts Group

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