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Ian Rose motivational talkPlanning a conference or corporate event? Need a refreshingly different inspirational speaker? Invite Ian Rose!

A conference speaker, business coach and CPD workshop provider. Ian specialises on  resilience, business performance and helping businesses focus on increasing revenues, managing stress levels and to remember the “WHY they started”. He will inspire, motivate and entertain with genuine humour and warmth.

Motivational Speech - Be More, Achieve More, Smile More. It’s not all about the medal
Do you have the need for a speaker specialising on Resilience, Achievement and Personal Development at your next Conference or Business Event? Hear how by learning the importance of resilience, Ian changed from being a shy seven year old, who was teased about his disability and looks, into a director of his own successful motivation business, and a double Paralympic medallist. He will steer your audience through the highs and lows of his life and outline why life should be a constant path to progression not perfection.

Resilience - The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Or as Ian says - The ability to pick yourself up dust yourself down and try again.

Using his business. sport and life experience, Ian will cover why resilience and always having a goal helps to increase Focus, reduce the bad days and create a Gold Medal Revenue stream. He will also share his Three Steps To Success process, leaving your attendees with some practical takeaways which will help them Be More, Achieve More and Smile More resulting in a dramatic effect on wellbeing, performance and future progression.

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Ian was the guest speaker at the inaugural Home Office ‘Together We Are More’ event where he delivered a memorable talk. Delegates enjoyed an enormously inspiring and motivational presentation about the importance of resilience inside and outside of the workplace. By sharing his inspirational journey and the hurdles he has faced throughout his life, he empowered those in attendance to create and take away their own plan for what they will do to be the best person they can be. Ian’s professional yet down to earth approach connected with everyone in the audience and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Alex Sutton

Senior Project Lead - Leadership Strategy, Home Office

Like this but want something more focussed? Then how about a Staff CPD Workshop or some Individual Business Coaching:


Conference Delegate
The most inspiring speech I have every heard

Federation Of Small Businesses
An absolutely brilliant motivator.

Business Speech - Audience Member

I had the privilege in hearing Ian Rose yesterday speaking on “10 things successful Business Leaders & High Level Sports performers have in common” and was inspired by his life story presented in a fluent and often humorous way to put across 10 really useful pointers to achieving success in any field. Definitely a case of teaching by example from an effective and easy to listen to communicator aiming at the highest levels of achievement.

Training Manager - BBA Aviation

“…We conducted feedback ourselves on the entire event and the Ian Rose session was by far the most popular. Many comments mentioned how good it was to have an external inspirational speaker deliver to them, who kept them enthralled for two hours. The experience as a whole was truly inspiring, which is exactly what we were trying to achieve…”

Conference Delegate

I have witnessed many well-known figures give talks or speeches to a variety of audiences over my 30 + years in education, but, like the rest of our always potentially difficult and restless audience, I was spell bound by what Ian presented to us. The content of his story of personal success on a variety of levels, and the way he presented it, was simply inspirationally outstanding.

Head of Client Management - Business Link for London

Ian's energetic and challenging presentation made a significant contribution to the success of our event.  He helped us to create a positive, engaged and receptive audience for the rest of the day.  Ian told his personal story fearlessly and from the heart.  He demonstrated for us how important it is to take control of your life and take personal responsibility.

Federation Of Small Businesses - Member

Listening to Ian speak is like a breath of fresh air.  I was lucky enough to hear him twice in a week!  He’s a fabulous story teller who will make you realise that you don’t know if you can do something, or will enjoy something unless you try. He’s such an inspiration and he makes you realise that even if you lose you still win.  My cup of best is on the shelf waiting for me to progress!

Federation Of Small Businesses - Member

Ian’s presentation at our recent AGM of the FSB Thames Valley Region was truly Inspiring and gave a real lift to the room.

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