Motivation Days, Delivered By High Quality Internationally Successful Athlete Mentors

Delivered through a mixture of classroom based sessions, practical teamwork tasks and masterclasses in sport. Use either one internationally successful Athlete Mentor, or a team of up to five and guide your students through a day of fun, whilst learning life skills and developing relationships with their peers.

Self Confidence, Resilience and Determination to be your best, are three things we need to build success in our live’s and sometimes the three things missing in new year 7 students when starting their secondary school career. Ian Rose a former World Champion, European Champion and Double Paralympic Medallist at the sport of judo, has put together an experience day, aimed at helping your students improve in just these three areas.

Working with either a select group of students or the whole year group. Ian and his team provide targeted workshops aimed at Improving Confidence, Highlighting the importance of good Communication and Developing Resilience when things get tough.

Open the day with a full year group assembly and move into a rotation of workshops for one or many groups of students, building on a different skill in each area. Explore teamwork using time based challenges, build confidence trying a new sport and look at communication techniques using blind folds. Finally close the day bringing the students together, for work on goal setting and how to include their new skills in life moving forward.

Book an experience day to welcome your new Year 7 students, replace an external team building trip, or develop a motivation day and involve one to five internationally  successful Athlete Mentors who all have their own story to tell. But all use the three skills of Communication, Confidence Building and Resilience to reach the top in sport and life.


Build your visit to include the following sports

Athletics, Judo, BMX, Swimming, Hockey, Fitness & Football
(or request a sport if not listed)

“Amazing! The kids are still buzzing about it and so now are the parents, it really has had the effect we were looking for. Nothing but praise for you and your team a truly fantastic day.”

Head Of Year 7, Holmer Green Senior School

100% Of Schools From
Last Year Re-Booked


Head Of Year 7 Holmer Green Senior School

A massive thank you to you and your team, amazing!  The kids are still buzzing about it and so now are the parents, it really has had the effect we were looking for.

Nothing but praise for you and your team a truly fantastic day and one which I look forward to booking again for next year!

Year 7 Student

Yesterday was the most fun I’ve had since I have been at Holmer Green!  I learnt how to communicate and shut the door in my head, that said ‘I can’t’.  I learnt lots of new tips and skills and overall I learnt about communication, determination, resilience and confidence.  My favourite activity was Judo and BMX BIKING.  These were my favourite because I learnt how to do judo and do biking skills.  It was such a fun day!!!

Year 7 Student

An amazing and inspiring day that really got me thinking about what I wanted to do when I am older. Before that day I wanted to be a scientist, but ever since that day I have wanted to also be an Olympic swimmer.  Tim, Ian, Chris and Mike all inspired me so much to do more!  I feel like I could do more than I could before and they inspired me so much!  Thank you.

Parents of a year 7 student

Thank you Ian for inspiring my daughter when you visited her year at HighCrest Academy School, the talk you gave made her sit up and listen and think about her future and how to go about reaching her goals, even at the young age of 12. She came home from school and was full of it.

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