Primary School Motivation Day

Ian offers a packed day for all year groups in Primary education, jointly planning a tailored visit focused on your school’s current objectives. Start with a whole school assembly, high lighting the importance of determination, resilience and empathy. Then move into a Teamwork & Goal Setting Workshop, a masterclass in Judo, a sporting based curriculum lesson or a class walk around for Question and Answer sessions with class photos. The choice is yours.

With a big emphasis on raising the bar in Maths, English and Science, Ian has developed a way to bring sport into the classroom and put together a range of Primary classroom based sessions for Year’s 5 & 6.

Build your visit using the following sessions

Green Dragon Primary School visitAssembly
Allow Ian to share his story with your whole school and hear about his fight with looking different after contracting childhood eye cancer. Running through building his self-esteem, self-confidence, self-belief and becoming a successful sportsman. A competitor in five Paralympic Games winning two medals, Ian will share his high’s and low’s and highlight the importance of having a growth mindset, setting goals and focusing on being your best.

Judo Session (Subject to the condition and size of school gym mats)
Judo is one of the world’s most widely practiced Olympic and Paralympic sports including throws, ground fighting and the ability to change lives. Ian can include a number of practical judo sessions within his visit, each lasting for 60 minutes and catering for up to 30 students.


Teamwork & Goal Setting Workshop
Include this workshop and inspire your students to aim for new highs. This will challenge your pupils to look at how Teamwork, Goal Setting, Communication and Determination are so important in life. Whilst teaching them new skills on how to aim for their own full potential. A 60 to 90 minute session for up to 60 students.

Link sport with a curriculum lesson and inspire Year 5 and 6 students in different ways. Ian will deliver a lesson and use the magic of achievement in sport to inspire in ways such as. Exploring maths and the use of angles, time and fractions, looking at the importance of teamwork in a science lesson or express how sport can inspire creative writing in literacy.

The number of sessions you can include, is dependant on your school timetable.

Headteacher - Grange Primary

Many, many thanks for Ian’s work at Grange launching the ‘Be the best you can be!’ Programme. I have heard many positive comments from teachers and students. Our staff even commented about students talking on the playground about his presentation. That’s the true measure of success… students taking time at breaks to discuss something they learned!!!

Primary School Teacher - Year 6

All of the services Ian provided were exemplary. It’s a week on now and the staff and children are all still talking about the visit.

Primary School Teacher - Cauldwell School

Ian was a great visitor to our school and he was so inspirational. He was really good with the children too. A great start to the week!

Primary School Teacher - Ravenscourt Park Prep School

We all had the most amazing time and people are still commenting on how fantastic Ian’s visit was. Everyone was really blown away by how well Ian interacted with the children and how inspiring his story is. I know that a few staff members were unable to maintain a dry eye as Ian raced us through his rollercoaster journey. As an organiser, I loved how adaptable and professional Ian was. For anyone trying to promote resilience or growth mindset, a visit from Ian is a must.

Primary School Teacher - Westfield Primary School & Nursery

Ian’s visit excelled all our expectations and to watch the faces of the Westfield team of staff and children in assembly, just made it so worthwhile even before Ian worked with the individual classes. It was truly a privilege to have Ian with us and his message of being the ‘ Best you can be!’ will be echoed and stay with us each day.

Primary School Parent

My 9 year and 7 year old sons were delighted to meet Ian today. Both boys came home eager to tell me about the polar bear and penguin. Ian truly engaged and inspired them. Usually they tell me the bare minimum about school, but tonight they have talked non stop about Ian and his achievements. Thank you for being such a positive role model.

Primary School Teacher - Parnwell Primary School

Thank you so much for a fabulous day! The children gained so much from you today and I had such amazing positive feedback from the staff! It was EPIC!

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